Online Marketing Overview

Having an online presence means more than having your own website. From social media revolutions like Facebook and Twitter to online property marketing, REALTORS® and brokers need to find new, creative ways to engage with their customers and their communities online.

To compete in this crowded, ever growing medium you’re going to need more than a fan page. You’re going to need a way to deliver relevant, timely information so you can engage with people online and build a relationship with them.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not about how many friends you have or how many tweets you blast out. It’s about the number of sales you make.

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Use SharperAgent to turn your online network into real referrals and transactions:

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Social Media

SharperAgent’s marketing materials can be posted to your favorite social media sites like Facebook®, Twitter® and LinkedIn®.

Share information on real estate and homeownership or post information about your latest listing for interested buyers.

Learn more about our Web Post Tool here

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Online Lead Capture

Whether you have a big following online or want to build one, you’ll eventually run into the problem of how to keep them interested. How do you actually engage with consumers online so that they’ll want to work with you?

Use SharperAgent’s Online Lead Capture tool to allow your website visitors, Facebook® friends, or Twitter® followers to opt into a marketing campaign about information that they’re interested in.

All you have to do is cut and paste the code we generate onto your website or social media page and a button will appear advertising the campaign you picked.

Each contact’s information will be added to your SharperAgent Contact Manager and automatically sent the desired information.

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